Success Story

Communications Support – Employee Benefits Product

A trade association had an immediate need for a strong writer with experience creating employee benefits materials to provide communications support.  They requested a writer who could take technical information and create materials, such as online postings, brochures, and white papers for a non-technical audience.

McKinley Marketing Partners provided a communications support consultant with a background in journalism and copywriting, as well as experience in the nonprofit industry.


The consultant worked with the client’s internal relations department to overhaul communications on executive compensation plans offered by the association.  The project goal was to offer clear communications that would encourage executives to sign up for the compensation programs and not deter them by including complex tax language.

During the length of the project, the client and consultant worked together to cut through the tax jargon to make the language reader-friendly. The consultant fully understood the subject matter and was able to rewrite the documents rather than merely edit the existing executive compensation communications.

With the communications support expert’s help, the client had an updated and clear communications package and the successful completion of a project that had been back burned for months.

“McKinley delivered a consultant who worked well on my team.  She was the perfect blend of technical savvy and communications talent. Her skills and personality were the largest factors for her success on the project.”

– A Communications Support Manager at a National Not-for-Profit Organization

by McKinley Marketing Partners