Success Story

Competitive Analysis

McKinley Marketing Partners’ telecommunications client reached out when they needed an additional resource to conduct competitive analysis, research the competitive landscape, analyze findings, and implement strategies to address specific challenges.'/2013/04/12/hello-world/' Facing strong competitive efforts, the telecommunications company needed to expand their marketing efforts to protect existing business and continue to gain new customers.

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McKinley’s consultant was able to conduct a complete competitive analysis for the client’s service offerings.

Using secondary research sources, the consultant revealed differentiating characteristics between the competing companies and used this information to develop a thorough gap analysis.

The consultant defined competitors’ broad product offerings, current promotions, bundling practices, and pricing.  The findings were reported bi-weekly to upper management and were used as evidence for the client’s legal department to initiate cease and desist orders.

Thorough analysis and recommendations helped direct the marketing communications department when creating advertisements targeted at competitors’ regions.

The consultant helped to reshape the client’s positioning of the offer and develop a compelling brand strategy to meet their acquisition goals.

by McKinley Marketing Partners