Success Story

Consumer Marketing Report

A large media company called McKinley Marketing Partners when its consumer marketing group was experiencing a heavy workload with one of its project managers due to go on maternity leave.  The client requested an Interim Marketing Managersm (IMM®) capable of managing consumer marketing for network initiatives as needed.  The IMM would be responsible for key network priorities with goals of increasing ratings, generating revenue, reinforcing brand presence, and expanding into media beyond the television space.


The IMM began her project by promoting the launch of the new network travel show. In this role she championed strategic cross-department (including press, international, affiliate sales, advertising sales) and cross-business unit (including online, retail, publishing, licensing, home video, cinema, and video-on-demand) marketing efforts for maximum positive brand impact, marketplace visibility, and revenue generation. Shortly after the launch of the show, the network was bought by one of the client’s competitors. Immediately after the merger, the IMM played a significant role in several new initiatives that were launched. Her responsibilities included developing new show concepts in line with brand vision and positioning to create value for the channel within all consumer touch points. The IMM worked as a brand manager for several network shows where she wrote 18-month plans that included the vision, brand positioning, objectives, strategies, and tactics for each of the products of the franchise (i.e. PR, marketing, web, TV). Through her efforts, the IMM created value for the network by quickly assessing its needs and offering out-of-the-box solutions that required minimal budgets. She provided them with solid strategic thinking on network brands and on key network series and one-offs.

by McKinley Marketing Partners