Success Story

Corporate Communications Support

The conservation and education staff of a government agency contacted McKinley Marketing Partners in need of an Interim Marketing ManagerSM (IMMSM) to identify a methodology to communicate the value of their program to the agency’s internal and external partners.   For this purpose, the client needed to conduct a two-day meeting with representatives from the agency’s network to identify actions that would help them achieve their goal.   The client sought a resource who had experience and
a strong knowledge of corporate communications and environmental education or environmental related issues.



McKinley brought in an IMM who was well versed in corporate communications and able to identify the visibility issues of the conservation education program.   She developed an action plan to improve the program’s visibility on a short-term and long-term basis with products designed to address specific issues.   Monitoring tools were developed to measure long term and short term improvement.   The IMM developed intriguing content and led the discussion with the agency representatives on their findings at the bi-annual meeting.


by McKinley Marketing Partners