Success Story

Digital Marketing Support

A non-profit organization required an marketing project manager to provide digital marketing support as they searched for a new digital marketing manager.

The client called McKinley Marketing Partners for consultant who could manage their online marketing strategy, integrated marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and conduct on-site usability testing and funnel analysis.

McKinley placed a consultant with ten years of digital and online marketing experience who had already worked with a number of non-profit organizations.


The consultant began the project by evaluating the organization’s current PPC marketing campaigns which were in decline.  She was able to identify that the campaign landing pages were not correlating with the ad copy and the user experience was not cohesive.  The consultant worked with the marketing coordinator to develop a website plan to test and improve PPC campaign landing pages.  The plan would test a variety of functions on the landing pages to determine the most effective page layout and content to result in a higher conversion rate.  The consultant also developed an SEO and website training manual to assist the marketing coordinator after the project ended.

The consultant was also asked to evaluate the organization’s social media practices and she noticed that the organization could benefit from creating a Pinterest profile.  She wrote a marketing plan around Pinterest as the organization considered its benefits to reach their target audience.  Ultimately, the organization successfully launched a Pinterest profile.

In addition, the organization had an established Facebook page.  She created an additional page to promote a global charity walk/run benefiting the organization’s humanitarian mission.  Once a supporter or runner ‘liked’ the page, they could upload a Facebook cover designed with images about the cause to share with all of their friends. The IMM utilized the charity run’s Facebook cover page images to help the walk/run go viral.

The consultant also created an email marketing campaign that allowed users to opt-in to learn more about the organization and their newest e-commerce venture with a well-known fashion designer.  The campaign grew their list by nearly 1,000 new leads and created a unique website URL for the campaign.  The consultant worked with the IT team to design and code the website without the use of a content management system.

Overall, the consultant did more than offer digital marketing support, bringing a new prospective to the organization’s current digital marketing programs.  Through optimizing PPC campaigns, expanding their social media presence and creating new email marketing strategies, she was able to show the organization that even with a limited budget, online marketing programs can be improved.


by McKinley Marketing Partners