Success Story

e-Commerce Product Launch

A consumer services company was preparing to launch a new e-Commerce product launch and required a marketing consultant to lead the charge to ensure a successful initiative.  The client requested a brand marketer with online and offline marketing experience.

McKinley Marketing Partners provided a marketing manager with over ten years of strategic marketing, branding, and product development experience.


The marketing manager provided strategy and hands-on execution of digital, social, offline and mobile marketing, and public relations for the e-commerce product launch and website.  She also rebranded and re-launched another e-Commerce website for the client.

The consultant’s specific contributions to the new online product launch and rebranded website launch included: 

  • The development of value propositions, a communications strategy, as well as business-to-business and business-to-consumer copy and website content
  • The development of a marketing plan, media plans, a messaging and communications plan, and a social media strategy for test markets in the Southeast region
    • Worked with media planner to develop an integrated media plan (TV, print, radio, outdoor, and Pandora) and consumer promotion strategies for test markets
  • The creation and execution of a strategic social media marketing plan for the Demand Side Management (DSM) test
  • The creation and execution of a Pilot 1.0, Pilot 2.0, Pivot Customer Experience and DSM test
    • Developed creative strategy, copywriting, testing and optimization of value propositions, landing pages, mobile ads, paid search ads, retargeting ads, banner/display ads, affiliate ads, website copy, Google play app, and mobile app search listing
  • The development of the value proposition for the customer Web pages on the new e-Commerce site
    • Set creative strategy and wrote all website content/copy
    • Devised a customer contact strategy and wrote copy for 17 emails
    • Provided creative strategy, copy, art direction, and production for direct mail
  • The management of a rebrand and re-launch of an additional e-Commerce website
    • Led competitive review and value proposition development
    • Developed creative strategy, messaging, and wrote and executed corporate communications, the microsite and spec sheets
  • Ad-hoc marketing activities
    • Public relations – drafted fact sheets and briefs, and edited press releases
    • Developed brand standards guides
    • Conducted competitive analysis and provided strategic offer recommendations
    • Developed trade show/ business-to-business collateral


by McKinley Marketing Partners