Success Story

Global Digital Marketing Support

An international oil and gas company’s Lubricants and Specialties division found their marketing team short staffed due to the job change of an internal team member, they called McKinley to help find an interim marketing resource.

The client requested a candidate with digital expertise who could develop strategy and manage a matrix network globally to support the company’s new media efforts.

The Interim Marketing ManagerSM (IMMSM) would need to serve as an integration specialist across the marketing communications group to find more efficient and effective ways of reaching the company’s customers via digital channels.


The IMM began the project by analyzing the company’s current position in the digital spectrum and by providing a technical and business audit of existing websites.  Her involvement was multi-faceted and included the following tasks:

  • Developed and executed guidelines for global use by creating a digital communications strategy for each of the client’s brands
  • Built a social media plan around one of the company’s flagship brands
  • Created landing pages, prepared external video content and developed a branded Facebook account for the launch of one of its brand’s websites
  • Conducted online research in three main consumer countries, including Unites States, Russia, and China
  • Provided regular administration maintenance for all of the client’s websites, including content management system access requests and requests for domain acquisitions and redirects

The IMM was eventually identified as a “business venture manager” for a company initiative to migrate its industrial website to a corporate template and have it translated into nine different languages.   In this role, she evaluated the lube country websites to determine if they should ultimately be moved to the corporate template.

Through her efforts on this project, the IMM was able to introduce the client into the new digital space, providing expertise and guidance in an unfamiliar area and deliver a well-thought out and executed media strategy.

by McKinley Marketing Partners