Success Story

Internal Communications Support

A financial services company’s internal communications department’s responsibilities and scope had increased, and they required additional internal communications support to keep key initiatives moving forward.  The client called McKinley Marketing Partners for a marketing consultant who could serve as an internal communications specialist until the department found a permanent team member.

They requested a seasoned marketer with internal communications experience and strong writing/editing skills to manage the maintenance of a daily email communication channel sent to the entire company every business morning at 8 a.m.


The internal communications support consultant ensured the production of the internal email newsletter, every business morning.  She reviewed the newsletter content before delivery, provided back-up writing support for articles, and managed/updated the editorial calendar with the help of employee feedback on article and feature summaries that would be on the company’s website.

Additionally, the consultant managed the employee communications mailbox.  This included filtering questions to the appropriate team members and entering all communication into a feedback document for upper management.

Afterward, she created and delivered an annual team report which documented corporate channel support.  The report was sent to each business unit in the company reporting which business units were over/under served.

In the end, the consultant successfully delivered an internal communication process and report that provided great value to the internal communications team and ensured management was doing an effective job providing overall employee support.

by McKinley Marketing Partners