Success Story

Marketing Analysis/ Consumer Insights Consultant

A global rental car company needed a consumer insights consultant to take advantage of the value provided by a syndicated, third party research study, since they did not have in-house resources with the skill or time to handle the project.  They wanted to analyze the research data, relate it to their internal customer data, and provide recommendations to their top 20 retail locations on how to improve customer satisfaction.  The goal was to improve their industry standings against the competition in the next research report.

McKinley Marketing Partners provided the client with a consumer insights consultant who had marketing analysis and research experience in both the B2B and B2C segments.


The consumer insights consultant helped the client understand the reach and limitations of the research data and clarified the end goal of improving the brand’s competitive standing.

With a well-defined goal in place, the consultant developed a technique to compare two separate databases with two separate measurement scales. This allowed the development of specific and measurable goals for each retail location to focus on specific attributes with specified target scores.

The project deliverables included PowerPoint presentations for each of the locations which analyzed both data sets, an explanation of how to relate them, and individualized recommendations/goals.

Internal company reports indicate that the retail location managers are pleased to have concrete goals set, and now understand how and why those goals have been chosen.

At the end of the project, the client had obtained fuller utility of their data resources.  They can provide specific, measurable targets to retail locations and measure whether an approach has been successful.  They now have the tools necessary to achieve better competitive positioning.

by McKinley Marketing Partners