Success Story

Marketing Communications/Public Relations

The lead communications executive for a nationally renowned consumer packaged goods company called McKinley Marketing Partners requesting a consultant to manage and execute a variety of marketing communications projects that were to be completed within a tight deadline.

The client needed a strong writer who had both tactical and strategic experience with Fortune 500 companies, specifically in a consumer environment.  The scope of the project would include writing copy for the company’s corporate website, proposals, news releases, sales collateral, and media kits.


McKinley was able to immediately find a marketing consultant who fit the client requirements.  In addition to a multitude of writing projects, the consultant also completed a large project for the company’s confectionery division.

He wrote a comprehensive public relations plan for the following year, including a detailed editorial calendar, specific instructions for incorporating search engine marketing efforts, and a strategic approach to targeting publications/audiences.  He also wrote speeches for the company’s senior executives to deliver at industry meetings and conferences.

At the end of the project, the company was so thrilled with the magnitude of the marketing consultant’s work that they extended his contract for another year to execute the initiatives he started.


by McKinley Marketing Partners