Success Story

Marketing Policies and Procedures

The marketing department at an international software company was experiencing difficulty complying with a new corporate code of ethics and their gift-giving policy that was established in regards to government employees’ attendance at nationwide events.

Due to policy changes, employees were finding the legal messaging to be unclear and confusing.

McKinley Marketing Partners’ client requested an Interim Marketing ManagerSM (IMMSM) to provide definition and clarity to the implementation of this ethics compliance initiative.

They requested a professional who had event experience, was detailed oriented, had polished communication skills, and was able to give presentations to executive level management


The IMM began the project by working with necessary staff to ensure that public sector events and conferences were in compliance with federal and state ethics regulations.

Throughout the duration of project, the IMM:

  • Held a series of one-on-one meetings with the client’s marketing managers and public sector attorneys to better understand the issues and concerns related to ethics compliance
  • Established consistent ethics compliance messaging for internal and external communications through newly established communication vehicles
    • She created and produced a sector marketing ethics and compliance quarterly newsletter that was distributed internally
    • Worked with attorneys to create a new public sector gifting compliance manual and provided an overview of the manual at an all-hands meeting and a live-meeting training program on government gifting
    • Created a marketing ethics and compliance SharePoint site that served as an all-inclusive, one-stop shop for ethics documents, events calendars, and approval processes for events

Through her efforts, the IMM generated greater awareness and acceptance of the importance of ethics compliance.

by McKinley Marketing Partners