Success Story

Marketing Research

The client of a major newspaper/media outlet called to find help to fill in for an employee on family leave. The Interim Marketing ManagerSM (IMMSM) would need to conduct brand advertising awareness research and work for a three month period.  The IMM would also need to advance senior level research projects during this time.

These projects would be mostly quantitative projects such as a telephone tracking study and work with Starch market research. Sayula


McKinley delivered a market researcher who:

  • Oversaw the study design for the first joint brand/advertising awareness tracking study between the major newspaper and its new online division’s classified advertising
    • This tracking study was used to provide benchmarking data for a new advertising effectiveness campaign
  • The IMM conducted special analyses of first fielding to develop sales support materials
    • Additional analysis of follow up fielding was used to assess advertising awareness and the impact of a new tagline
  • The IMM also evaluated a media plan and campaign objectives with recommendations to senior management of optimum timing and research strategy for follow up fielding
by McKinley Marketing Partners