Success Story

Marketing Research Support

A leading global provider of telecommunications products had historically created an in-house partner satisfaction survey. The client needed to revamp this annual survey and send it to more targeted groups within their partner organizations. They needed an experienced consultant to provide marketing research support.

The client called McKinley Marketing Partners and requested a marketing consultant to revise the existing questionnaire to ensure that questions were valid and that more actionable results would be obtained.  Once the survey was released, the employee would also need to analyze these results to identify focus areas for the next year.


The consultant began the project by revising the questionnaire. She identified strengths and weaknesses, gave advice on the survey flow, and programmed the survey to allow the client to customize by different partners.

During her time on this project, she performed a gap analysis based on partner responses of what qualities they valued in a vendor versus how well they felt the client performed along each dimension.

She then used the survey findings to develop a prioritized action plan for the client’s four partner segments, specifically outlining where the company needed to focus efforts for each type of segment.

Her research findings and recommendations served as the foundation for two years of channel marketing plans.  Through her efforts, the information acquired from the survey ultimately led to stronger partner relationships and increased revenue.

by McKinley Marketing Partners