Success Story

Marketing Strategy Support

A leading not-for-profit healthcare provider contacted McKinley Marketing Partners when they were about to launch a line of primary care practices, but did not have sufficient internal marketing resources to dedicate to the effort.

This was a multi-million dollar initiative and it needed the appropriate attention to ensure success.  The goal was to build awareness in the patient/consumer community as well as in the physician community.

The client requested an Interim Marketing ManagerSM (IMMSM) to develop a marketing strategy that could be used repeatedly to build each practice.


During the expansion of the primary care practices, the IMM created a marketing tactics tool kit that was used to provide exposure for the practices over a one-year period.  The kit included multiple collateral pieces, event ideas, social media usage, paid advertising materials, and public relations tactics.

The IMM also managed the development and launch of a website that was specific to this service line.  Through her efforts, the number of patients joining the practices increased and the company continues to successfully launch new practices. 

Due to the IMM’s early success with creating the marketing plan, the client has asked the IMM to create and execute the marketing strategy for another service line.


by McKinley Marketing Partners