Success Story

Public Relations

A client approached McKinley Marketing Partners with a unique public relations challenge.

The company, working in partnership with 12 other companies across the United States, was forming a new enterprise in the financial services arena.

This new company was to provide a full complement of services to large companies who wanted nationwide representation in commercial real estate.

The new enterprise sought services from McKinley to develop a corporate public relations plan and implement it against an aggressive timeline



A McKinley Interim Marketing ManagerSM (IMMSM) was brought on board in the fourth quarter to coordinate the press launch of this new entity.

With less than 12 weeks to establish a plan and implement the launch, the IMM and the 13 partners: developed a simple strategic press plan focused on maximizing public relations opportunities at the industry’s premier tradeshow.

She was also as successful in obtaining a critical placement in the Wall Street Journal and securing an exclusive press opportunity that resonated in the trade press surrounding the conference.

She completed her assignment by drafting the job description for a public relations strategist and ultimately helped her client in hiring a suitable replacement.


by McKinley Marketing Partners