Success Story

Sales Support

The affiliate sales department of a large media company called McKinley Marketing Partners when a marketing consultant was needed to provide sales support to cover for a staff member’s maternity leave and assume responsibility for the management and development of marketing strategy programs. These programs were related to a variety of networks under the corporate umbrella and were used to promote the different networks with the goal of getting as many satellite and cable companies interested in picking up these networks. The client requested the marketing consultant be well-versed in the inner workings of a media company as a whole.


The marketing consultant began the project by working with the director of strategic marketing to oversee the daily marketing needs of the network initiatives in the affiliate community to support the aggressive distribution goals. Her tasks included developing core marketing resources and tools to support affiliate partners in communicating their service to their customers, working with the director of sales strategy and the corporate communications team to develop messaging and strategy about affiliate sales-related issues and priorities, and regularly meeting with a corporate research team to evaluate, review, and disseminate information about affiliate-related studies, as well as create affiliate programs for additional networks.

Although not in the original scope of the project, the client utilized the consultant’s writing capabilities and gave her the lead on copywriting sales support materials in accordance with these programs. When the staff member returned from maternity leave, she was pleased to see her projects on track and in the final stages of execution.

by McKinley Marketing Partners