Success Story

SEO / Pay-Per-Click Consultant

A travel and passport company which is based in 30 cities and eight countries was looking to expand into four additional countries within a four month period of time.  The company was missing an SEO/SEM manager and needed a pay-per-click consultant to implement an online strategy and manage SEM programs that supported multiple brands across all of company’s geographic markets.  They called McKinley Marketing Partners to find an SEO expert to oversee the three existing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to maximum revenue and reach expansion goals.

McKinley was able to find an consultant with previous experience creating internet marketing plans, developing online search strategy and pay-per-click /banner advertising.



The pay-per-click consultant began the project by auditing the keywords and ad copy of three existing global PPC accounts.  With the help of the client’s agency, she implemented new ad copy in multiple languages.

The consultant went on to identify revenue channels and cost-saving opportunities by using bid management and web analytics tools, including competitive and keyword analysis.  If the landing page content was found to be hindering click conversions, she worked with the website team to optimize the page(s) content to reduce bounce rates.  Within four months, the consultant had expanded the program to seven successful global PPC campaigns.

Reporting to the VP of Online Marketing, she presented daily performance reports, including impressions, clicks, revenue, spend, ROI, average position, quality score, assisted revenue and new customer revenue.  In addition, she took the initiative to create a master dashboard with relevant analytics to be viewed at the client’s convenience.

As a result of the pay-per-click consultant’s work, the client has realized the highest overall ROI for SEM programs and PPC campaigns.


by McKinley Marketing Partners