Success Story

Small Business Customer Experience

A global telecommunications company called McKinley Marketing Partners when they needed additional support to redesign a small business account management website in the absence of a site manager.  They asked McKinley to provide a customer experience consultant to lead the e-commerce, IT, and planning teams on the delivery of the enhancements to the site.

The consultant would be responsible for the end-to-end development of the website’s new design to deliver best-in-class online customer experience for small business customers.  McKinley delivered a customer experience consultant with strong e-commerce experience, who was able to lead cross-functional teams.


The consultant immediately got to work developing a customer survey that provided valuable insight into the small business demographic.  The information collected from the survey was extremely helpful to identify the online account needs of their small business base.

The consultant wrote business documents that included requirements, legal reviews, cost-benefit analysis, and IT issue resolutions for both the consumer and business site.  The customer experience consultant worked with cross-functional teams to ensure the project’s success.  She assisted and supported all enhancement initiatives, reporting and ad hoc tasks, and participated in legal/compliance calls.

The consultant also implemented a paperless billing option to the redesigned website.  She worked with the billing IT group and marketing team to ensure the resources functionality and a successful launch campaign.  The launch campaign included a contest to introduce the new paper free billing option and create buzz.

In the end, the customer experience consultant was able to lead multiple teams to ensure the redesigned small business account management website fulfilled client and end-user needs.