Success Story

Strategic Communications

A sub-contractor was awarded a contract with the U.S. military for implementing a new business process management software that would simplify operations, optimize processes, and provide an accurate view of business information.  The project needed strategic communications expertise to create a well-defined vision and mission for the new business process program.

The client called McKinley looking for consultants with 20 years experience in strategic communications within the government sector.  McKinley identified three highly-qualified marketing professionals for the six-month project.


The marketing consultants placed on the project worked with senior leadership to develop both a strategic communications and a business strategy plan.

The consultants collectively delivered a strategic communications plan which included:

  • A brand portfolio creating the brand identity and messaging to targeted demographics and audiences;
  • The completion of a public relations and media plan with targeted media outlets and drafted press releases;
  • A marketing plan with online and offline strategies such as presentations and webinars along with leadership talking points;
  • A business strategy which included a budget and staff-hour estimates for the communications/marketing activities.

The marketing consultants also delivered a design and launch of a new 30-page micro-website for the program.  They created the website’s design concept, content, and coordinated the project with the client’s IT department to ensure website functionality.

At the end of the project, the client was prepared to market the new program and had a better understanding of how to conduct an effective marketing/outreach program.

by McKinley Marketing Partners