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Trying Social Media on For Size: How Will Our Newest Marketing Resource Fit?

Remember that shoemaker who was so busy making shoes for everyone else, yet his kids were barefoot?

McKinley can relate.  We have been so busy placing marketing consultants, making sure other’s marketing needs were taken care of, that we’ve been neglecting some of our own needs. The time has come for McKinley to put on its first pair of social marketing shoes.  As part of the embracing process, we are beginning here, with The Summit, our company’s blog.

My team asked me to write the introductory blog post, which left me with a feeling of writers block, or should I say bloggers block?  Did I want to be witty, professional, educational, informational, or direct?  Or all of the above?  After contemplating, I resorted back to my old journalism tendencies and came up with the basics.  After all, aren’t we all trying to get back to simpler ways?

Who: McKinley Marketing Partners, Inc. and you, our loyal reader. We are the premier provider of experienced marketing resources to Fortune 1000 firms, emerging businesses, trade associations, and/or government agencies for interim assignments, contract-to-hire, or permanent placements.  And you, the one who is going to help drive this conversation.

What to expect: So I tweaked it a little bit.  With The Summit, you can expect weekly conversations on a wide range of marketing and consulting topics.  It’s our dedication to bring you ideas that spark your creative brain, quench your intellectual side, and entertain your inner comedian.

Where: Our website , your RSS feed, or your inbox.

When: Multiple posts a week.

Why: We have created this blog, not for our personal gratification or to increase our page rank on Google (although that would be nice) but rather to serve as an industry leader and resource for marketing professionals.  As a marketing consulting company, run by marketers, we get it.  We understand this field and wanted to create an arena where professional individuals could come to learn.  More than that, we wanted to create an online community where marketers could talk about marketing trends, current obstacles, funny you tube videos, and anything in between.

We know we can’t do this without all of you and hope you will take part in our weekly conversations by contributing your thoughts and ideas.

We look forward to blogging in 2009!

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by McKinley Marketing Partners