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Rebranding Provides an Opportunity to Give Back to the Community

With the launch of our new brand, we found ourselves left with reams of stationary and office supplies customized with an outdated logo. Rather than having it all go to waste, we decided to take the opportunity to donate to our favorite local charity here in Alexandria. We gathered up the excess materials and took them to the Cora Kelly School where we distributed them to three local preschool classrooms for at-risk children.

Why Cora Kelly? A few years ago we made a decision to pick a favorite local charity.  After some research and a companywide vote, we chose to focus our charitable attention to the children at the Cora Kelly School. We have enjoyed holiday pizza parties, arts and crafts projects, book and camera donations and now our old office materials will be put to good use by the staff and preschoolers. The classrooms we visit at Cora Kelly are supported by The Child & Family Network Centers (CNFC) of Northern Virginia. CNFC was founded more than 25 years ago with the goal of providing free education and other services to at-risk children and families in Alexandria and Arlington.

We worked closely with CFNC’s Development Director, Anna Berke, and Development Associate, Kristin Thompson, in order to ensure a smooth donation of our supplies. In all, we donated a total of 30 boxes filled with folders, dry erase calendars, loose paper, note pads, note cards and envelopes. The teachers were very appreciative of the donation as the material could be used for both administrative purposes and for arts and crafts. We can’t wait to see the masterpieces the kids create with the materials this coming holiday season!

by McKinley Marketing Partners