Avoid Hiring the Wrong Employees

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 41% of companies spent at least $25,000 on a bad hire and 25% of companies spent at least $50,000 on a bad hire in 2010.  What constitutes a “bad hire”? A bad hire is usually the result of filling a position too quickly without understanding the manager’s needs and thus hiring someone with an inadequate skill set.  Usually, bad hires either quit because the job they were hired to do is different from the actual duties of the position or managers reconfigure the position to fit the new hires’ skills – wasting time and money on training.  Check out an infographic from Mindflash.com on the costs associated with a bad hire.

How can your company avoid hiring the wrong marketing employees? Work with McKinley Marketing Partners who has over 16 years of experience helping company’s assess and identify their marketing needs, to find the perfect candidate with the right skill set, who will fit into your company’s culture.  All candidates are put through an extensive pre-qualification, pre-screening, and reference checking process to ensure they meet McKinley’s highest standards. This will help ensure your company avoids a bad hire.


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by McKinley Marketing Partners