Is Hiring During Market Uncertainty a Good Idea? The Answer Is Often Yes!

hiring during market uncertainty

“Market uncertainty” and “hiring” aren’t two words you typically hear together, but many successful companies have thoughtfully combined them. In fact, hiring marketers could actually be the secret strategy you need to thrive during economic uncertainty.

Below, we’ll discuss why hiring marketers during market uncertainty can be a good idea and how to accomplish your staffing goals strategically.

Should You Recruit and Hire During Market Uncertainty?

When companies think of potential economic headwinds, they likely don’t consider it to be the best time to hire. They might be pondering hiring freezes or even layoffs. But, if financially feasible, bringing in new marketing talent during times of market uncertainty can actually be a savvy move.    

During the last three recessions, numerous companies achieved remarkable success by strategically managing their budgets. While they did reduce costs, they continued to hire for essential positions to promote their products and services, which, in turn, promoted employee retention. These forward-thinking organizations capitalized on market layoffs by recruiting their competitors’ top talent, propelling themselves to new heights of success.

Because marketing is, unfortunately, one of the areas typically hit first with hiring freezes or reductions, you can often gain access to highly qualified marketing candidates who previously weren’t open to new positions. You’ll also be able to hire the best talent without worrying about your competitors taking them off the market. Recruiting during market uncertainty positions your company to perform well if a slowdown or recession begins, while also preparing to take off when the economy improves.    

Be Proactive and Build Up Your Talent Pipeline

Companies hiring marketing talent during an uncertain market should be proactive in their recruiting approach. Look at all active and passive candidates in the talent pipeline; you never know who might now be searching for a new position.

If your talent pipeline is shallow, market uncertainty is the perfect time to build up your network of qualified marketing talent. And if you don’t have enough time to build your talent pipeline, McKinley Marketing Partners has a deep network of skilled marketing professionals so you can find your dream candidate faster.

Optimize Your Recruiting Process

Now is also an ideal time to take a step back and thoroughly analyze your hiring practices. Are there areas in which you can make it more efficient? For example, maybe you can cut out your fourth interview. You could focus on a remote recruiting process to allow for more flexibility. You can revisit your job descriptions and update them to better attract the right marketing candidates.

Don’t be afraid to adjust your approach, even if that means overhauling various aspects of the hiring process. Optimizing now can help you hire during uncertainty in the market while also positioning your company to start hiring swiftly when the job market becomes more certain.

Work With McKinley Marketing Partners

When hiring a new marketing employee, the recruitment, onboarding, and benefit costs can add up.  This can deter many businesses from hiring during economic uncertainty, but what if you could quickly recruit and hire top marketing candidates cost-effectively?

Working with a staffing agency can save you both money and time. At McKinley Marketing Partners, we have a network of vetted talent, which takes the guesswork out of the recruiting process. And we can help with all touchpoints of the recruiting process, from helping to draft a compelling job description to extending job offers and managing the benefits.

At McKinley Marketing Partners, we find marketing talent that fits your needs, including:

  • Contract
  • Direct hire
  • Project-based

One of the main benefits of working with us is that if you feel like your company isn’t ready for a direct hire, you can hire a contractor through us. We handle all the benefits as they work for us as a W-2 contract employee. This makes it an excellent fit for hiring during an uncertain economy.

McKinley Marketing Partners makes it easy to find that talent in just a few simple steps. Get started with us today.

by McKinley Marketing Partners