Ensuring the Brightest Talent through a VMS/MSP

The use of vendor management systems (VMSs) and managed service providers (MSPs) has been a controversial topic among staffing firms.  Since the rise of VMS/MSP arrangements, research has not been conducted on how they affect the process in which suppliers fulfill buyer’s talent needs – until now.

The Staffing Industry Analysts conducted a recruiting and talent acquisition (TA) survey; do staffing firms treat VMS/MSP orders differently in the TA process?

The outcome: A third of staffing firms treat VMS orders differently.

How exactly are VMS orders taken differently?

  • Supplier has dedicated VMS team
  • Resumes are uploaded immediately without screening
  • Suppliers recruit from existing database and do not recruit outside of candidate pool
  • VMS is last priority
  • Suppliers utilize lower cost model

The survey reveals some suppliers place less priority on VMS orders due to lower margins.  Therefore, to ensure a qualified candidate, buyers should know the appropriate rate for the position they are hiring and work with MSPs and suppliers to find a rate that is beneficial for all parties.

by McKinley Marketing Partners