Embrace Online Application Forms

While browsing Twitter, I came across a tweet promoting a webinar,Why Online Applications are Killing your Job Search.’  I was immediately intrigued and discovered that the author cited a report that claims ‘only 5 of every 1,000 online applications make it to the hiring manager’s desk.’  Could this really be true?

Online application forms are necessary in today’s hiring environment, but don’t be frustrated by the process – embrace it.  Companies use these systems to organize your information and properly guide you through their recruiting process.  Just be sure in the application that your skills address the job criteria. If you decide to contact the company’s HR department before submitting your resume, don’t be surprised if they simply ask you to complete the online application form as required by their company policy.


When you complete an online application make sure your resume is attached and that it shines. Send your resume to family and friends you feel are qualified to review and edit it  to ensure there are no errors.  You may think the online application process is tedious, but if your application and resume reflect your background and skills accurately, then it will likely hit the hiring manager’s desk, not the trash.

The infographic of The Anatomy of an Outstanding Resume’ has some great resume examples to use.

At McKinley Marketing Partners, we have staff dedicated to reviewing every resume and application that comes to us. Our team uses an online application form to vet new candidates.  The information required in our application form, which takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete online, is essential to determining if you are the right fit for our clients.



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by McKinley Marketing Partners