4 Ways Your Media Company Can Use Social Media to Build Brand Loyalty

Every company wants to build a base of loyal, passionate fans. And with the opportunity to use social media to connect with your audience, it should be easier than ever, right? But the problem is that there is more noise online now than ever. So how can your media company grow its reach and build brand loyalty?

Here are four social media tips to build brand loyalty and increase engagement on social media.

  1. Equip your employees to become brand ambassadors.

One advantage that media companies have over other industries in social marketing is the ability to leverage the reach of your writers and media personalities. Create a strategy complete with social media guidelines specific to your brand. Encourage your employees to engage with your brand online. Remind them not only that it is good for the company if they help amplify the organization’s message, but it also supports their individual career goals whether those are to grow their audience or elevate their thought leadership.

  1. Use live video.

It’s always important to pay attention to the social media features that platforms are investing heavily in at any given moment. These kinds of content usually have the best performing organic reach. Right now on Facebook and Instagram, among others, it’s live video. While social algorithms tend to be indiscriminately merciless, currently, live video is performing extremely well. This is a great opportunity to humanize your brand, connect with your audience, and create shareable content.  

  1. Embrace chatbots.

This social media trend is one that is a no-brainer for media companies to use. Media companies can use this digital tool to communicate and solve problems for your customers while you sleep. Your fans can get the answers they need any time of day and your team can focus on the more complex challenges of your organization. Consider exploring a platform like Chattypeople.

  1. Inject personality into your social presence.

It’s easy to let your social presence become dictated by the content you are producing, but between news article shares and cross-posting video, be sure to include posts that encourage your audience to engage with you. Consider asking questions or using poll features. Keep your audience on its toes by occasionally dropping in memes and other light-hearted content. It’s important for your audience to remember that there are humans behind every social post.

Elevate your social strategy with these four tips and start turning readers and viewers into passionate brand advocates.

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