5 Best Practices Every B2B Company Should Be Executing on LinkedIn

While marketers may continue to scratch their heads when it comes to demystifying the Facebook or Instagram best practices for B2B, LinkedIn is a different animal.

This platform is where business people go to talk business. LinkedIn users want to hear from you. When people visit LinkedIn.com they expect to get an update on industry trends and news. B2B companies can capitalize on this openness to strengthen relationships, build credibility, and contribute to industry conversations. And it all starts with your LinkedIn Company Page.

With some 4 million LinkedIn company pages vying for the eyeballs of your clients and potential customers, how do you make your page stand out?

5 Best Practices Every B2B Company Should Be Executing on LinkedIn

1. Commit to a consistent posting cadence. No matter how often you decide to post updates on your page, the most important thing to remember is to be consistent. A daily posting cadence is recommended from many experts (Hubspot recommends two a day!), but even if you post less often, just make sure you consistently publish content. Use a tool like Hootsuite  to keep it consistent. Avoid cobwebs on your page at all costs!

2. Make your LinkedIn page easy to find and follow from your website. Include the Company Follow button on your website and the LinkedIn Share button on your content to grow your reach. Those perusing your website will easily be able to follow your company page and receive consistent reminders on their LinkedIn newsfeed of the great work you are doing and the thought leadership you are producing.

3. Create a social-friendly culture. Encourage employees to interact with the Company Page on LinkedIn, share content from the LinkedIn page, and engage actively on LinkedIn. When you publish new content on your LinkedIn page, consider sending out a quick email to your team encouraging them to share. Include a sample post that they can personalize to share quickly.

4. Track your analytics and let them inform your decisions. The analytics dashboard for company profiles is rich with helpful information. The dashboard tracks visitor, updates, and follower data. Pay attention to which kinds of posts are performing best and pivot accordingly.

5. Add keywords. Just as we mentioned in our article on best practices for Linkedin personal profiles, including keyword in your company profile will help your company appear in relevant searches. You can add keywords under the “Specialties” section.

LinkedIn is a B2B marketer’s best friend. Maximize the opportunity by optimizing your page, sharing helpful content consistently, and investing time in this potential-filled platform.

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