3 Myths About Contracting You Should Stop Believing Now

At McKinley Marketing Partners we are proud to offer talented marketers more options. Not only do we connect job seekers with full-time, salaried positions, but we also have many exciting contract roles available from small nonprofits to large national corporations. But some people are unsure about the benefits of accepting a contract role. Today we’d like to play “Mythbusters” and bust a few preconceived notions that you may have about contract work.

Myth #1: Contractors’ only health insurance options are Obamacare.

Truth: The consultants that work with McKinley get the opportunity to join our group and buy health insurance. This means that if you prefer contract work, you do not have to consider a lack of health insurance as a reason to avoid it.

Myth #2: Contractors make less money than their salaried counterparts.

Truth: “Contractors are often paid at a rate of 30-100 percent higher than their permanent peers,” according to Gretchen Stanford, Director of Recruiting. Since there is less overhead incurred by a contractor, an employer is often able to pay more. Overtime hours also contribute to higher wages.

Myth #3: Contractors’ careers are stunted by contract work.

Truth: Many of our consultants rise in their career trajectories more quickly than their salaried counterparts because they increase their skills and are exposed to new technology in each new position they take on.

If you have not yet considered contract work but love variety, flexibility, and autonomy, learn more by contacting us today. Check out our current list of job opportunities here.

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