Recruiting Millennial Marketers in 2019: What You Need to Know

At over 75 million strong, millennials have become a force to be reckoned with—and they just might become your company’s secret weapon.

These tech-savvy, digital natives are easily inspired, open minded, and thanks to their relatively short attention spans, great multi-taskers. They may do things differently, but different is what inspires innovation and keeps us driving forward.

Read on to uncover the key to turning your organization into a millennial magnet.

What Millennials Really Want

We recently surveyed millennial marketers about their careers and what really matters when it comes to career changes. Here’s what we found:

Only 19 percent of millennials surveyed report actively searching for a new job opportunity –  where active is defined as searching at least weekly –  compared to 27 percent of their Gen X and Boomer counterparts. Similarly, we found considerably more millennials content in their current roles.

One in four millennials are not engaged in any type of job search, only one in five non-millennials can say the same.

Our survey also sheds light on the benefits and perks that millennials value most when evaluating job offers. To do this, we asked respondents to evaluate two nearly identical job offers, one at the lower end of their desired salary range and including the featured benefit, while the other, at the higher end of their salary range did not include the added benefit. In nearly every instance, millennials opted for the lower salary:

  • 73% would accept a lower base salary that included profit-sharing or bonus plan
  • 62% said if a company made a great first impression before or during the interview process, they would accept a lower salary offer
  • 77% were open to the idea of a lower starting salary where they would be eligible for a raise in six months
  • 66% would opt for a job with a lower salary where the work is interesting and aligned with their career goals
  • 66% would take a lower salary and unlimited vacation time
  • 78% were attracted to offers where, though the salary was lower, the path for growth and advancement was clearly defined

Don’t mistake these preferences as proof that millennials aren’t motivated by money. After all, 71 percent of them cited career advancement and salary as the chief contributing factors in taking a new job. No, socially aware they may be, beacons of altruism they are not. Millennials are simply smart when it comes to their careers. They see the bigger picture, and they’re willing to make sacrifices along the way to get where they’re going.

So, no need to drive home all the cool perks you offer in the office; they may not even like foosball. Instead, focus on what’s real and what matters to them: their future. Show your millennial candidates an environment where they can learn and grow, and you’ll find you don’t even need the meditation garden and free fro-yo to win them over.

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