10 Hacks to Get Your Resume to the Top of the Pile

If you are on the hunt for a new job opportunity, there are some simple but critical components to putting your best foot forward in the job search process. You need some solid resume hacks. Chief among them?

  • Make sure you have a LinkedIn account.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is detailed and updated.
  • And make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your resume.

In a two-part series we’re exploring best practices on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and how the two work together to call the right attention to you as hiring managers look for the perfect fit.

Perhaps at this point it is a given that your Linkedin page should reflect your actual resume. And if you’ve spent much time working on your LinkedIn page, you’ve likely noticed the multitude of options of information you can include: job titles, volunteer experience, skills, summary, links, portfolio, references, and more.

This begs the question–is all of this necessary to include? And if so, should it all be on your resume as well?

10 Hacks to Get Your Resume to the Top of the Pile

In order to get your resume noticed by decision makers, make sure it includes the following:

  1. Employment history
  2. Skills
  3. Education
  4. Job titles
  5. Dates of employment  
  6. Contact information at the top of the resume
  7. Accomplishments in the top third of the resume
  8. No spelling errors or typos
  9. Enough white space to make it easy to read
  10. LinkedIn profile URL

The goal of your resume is to make it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to assess if your qualifications are a match for the position. By including these ten components you make that job simple. For more resume tips, check out this article from The Muse.

by McKinley Marketing Partners