Top 5 Marketing Specialties in 2019

Each year McKinley Marketing Partners publishes the industry’s most cutting edge research on marketing hiring trends. Today we want to give you a sneak peek of this year’s five most sought after marketing specializations in advance of publishing the entire report.

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  1. buy provigil from india Digital Marketing. 61 percent of hiring managers plan to add digital marketers to their team. No surprise here—digital marketing has been on the rise since we began publishing our findings annually four years ago. Digital skills are essential in today’s marketing workforce.
  2. Research and Analysis. 46 percent of hiring managers expect to hire marketers with expertise in research and analysis. With the advent of new technology, and an emphasis on digital marketing, the change in digital is part of a forward trend toward exploring new marketing software frontiers and a new generation that understands how to research, analyze, create, and operate in this fast-changing field.
  3. Creative Services. 46 percent of hiring managers expect to bring creative services in house rather than outsource these roles. While this has historically been outsourced to agencies, more companies are bringing these services in-house and relying less on vendors and more on available DIY software tools.
  4. Demand Generation. 42 percent of marketing leaders said they are hiring people with this expertise. Marketers are no longer spending money on throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Those with demand generation expertise are safe investments. They build and nurture key prospect and customer relationships for the long term.
  5. Account Based Marketing. 35 percent of those hiring are looking for someone with this skill set. Similar to demand generation, account based marketing is attractive as the field changes and expands on ways to reach and engage target audiences. As these specialties are closely aligned with driving increased revenue, we anticipate seeing additional growth and demand for these skills in the coming years.  

Our 2019 Marketing Hiring Trends paper will include this information and much more on salary, skills, and other hot topics in the workplace including remote teams, ageism, and ghosting.

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by McKinley Marketing Partners