You don’t need a vacation–you need a new job.

You’re heading out on vacation. Do you feel excited? Ready for a break? Overwhelmed by all you must do before leaving town? Are you dreading the double workload you’ll be returning to after the week is over? 

Quartz recently published an article that points out an ongoing problem for American workers: order Neurontin overnight we take Krasnogorsk vacations as a way to combat the burnout we experience in our jobs. But the truth is, taking a week or two of vacation does little to alleviate the dread we feel about returning to long days and even longer email chains. 

Sometimes taking a vacation can give us the rest and renewal that we need to return to work energized and ready to tackle problems head on. But some problems cannot be rectified by taking PTO. If you feel burnout and resonate with any of these five points, it may be time to look for new opportunities. 

5 Signs It’s Time to Move On

  1. You are undervalued. You feel disillusioned and disengaged at work because you don’t feel valued by your colleagues or leadership.
  2. You are overworked. You never seem to be able to get ahead of your workload and correspondence.
  3. You are micromanaged. You’re managed by leadership that doesn’t trust you. You don’t have autonomy.
  4. You are in a toxic environment. There’s constant negative chatter about the boss. In fact, negativity pervades every water cooler conversation. 
  5. Your company’s values don’t reflect your own. You feel dissonance between the way the company operates and the way you want to operate. 

If you can relate to any of the above statements, you should consider looking into available opportunities. In our full employment economy there are more open positions than there are talented workers to fill them. So take a look around. Now is a great time to move into a position within a healthy culture. Take a look at the open positions we are working on filling right now.

by McKinley Marketing Partners