5 Secrets You Should Tell Your Recruiter

In a recent blog post we shared ten questions you should ask your recruiter. Recruiters can be an incredible resource, a wealth of knowledge, to you in your job search. But the truth is, many job seekers are not completely transparent with recruiters for one reason or another.

There may be some things you’re hesitant to share with them about your work history or hopes for the future. But the truth is, the more honest you are with your recruiter, the more helpful your recruiter can be to you. So today we want to share five secrets you should share with your recruiter.

5 Secrets You Should Tell Your Recruiter

1. Gaps in work history. There are many reasons you may have a gap in your work history. Gaps are not a bad thing in and of themselves. But when people misrepresent their work histories, opportunities can be lost. Just be up front from the beginning.

2. Your money expectations. Tell your recruiter your salary preferences. Explain why you are worth more money. And if you are willing to take a pay cut, explain the reasons behind it so the recruiter can explain it to the client.

3. Your complete career story. Your resume, LinkedIn profile, the story you tell recruiters, and your actual work history need to all tell the same story. Work history can be verified in an employment check, so make sure there is consistency across the board.

4. You are applying for multiple jobs or are in conversation with other recruiters. Sharing this information helps your recruiters help you. It gives them more accurate information to then pass on to potential employers.

5. You accept a job offer elsewhere. Again, having that accurate information to share with employers helps recruiters maintain strong relationships. This is an asset that will help you when you are looking for another opportunity down the road.

Letting other people into the inside of your career journey can be uncomfortable. But in a recruiter, you have a trusted resource that can serve as your ally and provide candid insights in the job market. By approaching your relationship with a recruiter with transparency, you’ll really be able to maximize this opportunity.

by McKinley Marketing Partners