How to Work with a Staffing Firm as a Job Seeker

You’ve decided. It’s time to explore the possibility of moving on from your current job. You may not be desperate to quit your job today but you want to see what else is out there. You are aware that working with a staffing agency might be wise in your job search. But what’s it all about? How do you work with a staffing firm during a job search? The process with McKinley Marketing Partners is uncomplicated and straightforward. Here is how to get started working with a staffing agency.

How to Work with a Staffing Firm as a Job Seeker

  1. Make a list of what kinds of jobs you would want. Before you reach out to a staffing company, get clear on what types of roles excite you. Jot down titles, perks, size of company, benefits, whether you prefer remote, hybrid, or in-person, and even location. What culture and pace are the best fit for you? Do you want a highly specialized role or something that involves more cross pollination? The more clarity you bring to a job search the less overwhelming it will be from the start.
  2. Make a list of your career highlights. What have been your top five career achievements? When have you been a part of launching something, turning a business around, or leading a team? Just like an athlete has “stats” that help someone understand rather quickly where their strengths are and what they have achieved, you should also be able to rattle off the “wow” factors of your career trajectory thus far. This will serve as key information that sets your resume apart from others. 
  3. Research staffing firms. They are not all created equal! Depending on your goals you may want to work with a large staffing firm or a smaller, more boutique agency. At McKinley, we have built our entire business around the fact that we believe people are more than a resume. We are experts in the art of recruitment and we are also experts in marketing and creative services. Do your due diligence and research firms before you reach out. 
  4. Review roles. At McKinley we do our best to make the job application process as simple as possible. Visit our job board here. We keep it up to date so you can know that the listings have not expired and the role has not been filled yet. Our job listings are updated all the time with new opportunities. So bookmark this page and check back often. 
  5. Apply for the role. When you see a role you are interested in click “apply for this job.” You will be prompted to register and create an account on our website and there you can upload your resume. You can be confident that one of our recruiters will review your resume once you submit it.

When you apply for a role at McKinley a real person is on the other side of the screen looking at your resume. We thrive on the human touch of an actual conversation so anticipate the possibility of a phone call. And in the meantime, celebrate that you have taken initiative to make change in your life and in your work. Launching your job search through McKinley Marketing Partners really is that simple. 

Remember, this is only one part of your proactive job search. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized. Follow McKinley on LinkedIn. And continue to hunt for the roles you are most passionate about. It’s also never a bad idea to continue sharpening your skills with professional development and strategically networking. 

We hope to hear from you soon and play a role in connecting you with a job you are going to love. 

by McKinley Marketing Partners