What would inspire three marketing executives to leave the comfort of well-established careers to jump ship and start a new business? The opportunity to create a startup that would stand in the gap and meet a need when there were no other solutions.

In 1993 the Family and Medical Leave Act became law, enabling those in the American workforce to take up to 12 weeks off of work to attend to family needs without the threat of losing their jobs. What would businesses do during that temporary time of need? McKinley Marketing Partners was born to solve this problem.

McKinley Marketing Partners Founders

Founded in 1995 by Michelle J. Boggs and Amanda Weathersby, McKinley Marketing Partners was created to supply organizations in the D.C. metro area with interim marketing consultants who could hit the ground running when executives took time off for family or due to an illness.

Initially, we focused on temporary work in the telecom industry. Soon after, the company broadened our reach into a variety of marketing disciplines, as well as placing full-time candidates in marketing roles across a wide breadth of industries. Over the years, we continued to expand our offerings not only into multiple markets (including New York, Dallas and Houston), but also into creative services.

Since our humble beginnings, we have placed thousands of marketing professionals in roles that have both perfectly suited the marketer and the company they served. Striving for the perfect match is what has driven us for nearly two and a half decades.

Corporate Headquarters
201 N. Union Street, Ste 110
Alexandria, VA 22314