Success Story

CRM Implementation Specialist

A medium-sized company providing online marketing software for the restaurant industry was in the beginning stages of implementing a new CRM solution for their customers when they decided to reach out to McKinley Marketing Partners (McKinley). The client needed McKinley to provide a product manager who was also a CRM implementation specialist who could effectively work with a technical team to develop the CRM product and sell it to customers.  McKinley quickly identified a candidate who had previous experience marketing and developing software as a service (SaaS) products.


  • The client needed a marketing strategy to implement and sell the new CRM serving a customer base of over 45,000 merchants.
  • On their own, the client was unable to identify a qualified candidate with third-party marketing and database experience to lead the project.


  • The marketing consultant was responsible for the design, analysis, implementation and launch of the CRM platform.
  • He developed a marketing and sales strategy and operational plan that included initial use cases, sales collateral, business rules and user interface design.
  • He led initial analysis on the 360-view of the customer and RFM segmentation (method for analyzing customer value).
  • He drafted vendor and customer legal agreements and provided product budgeting and revenue models.


The client achieved a seamless CRM product launch that was successfully sold to their customers. The CRM implementation specialist produced documented use cases and quantitative evidence to craft a value proposition for the CRM and how it can drive $3 of new revenue for every $1 spent.  The marketing consultant’s efforts resulted in $500,000 of revenue from the first customer in less than three months.


by Mckinley Marketing Partners