Success Story

Internal Communications and Change Management Support

A Fortune 500 energy company called McKinley when they found themselves without the internal staff needed to support the development of their communications programs, requiring both internal communications and change management expertise.

The client requested a consultant to work closely with corporate communications and the corporate affairs teams to provide internal and external communications services.

The work would include developing public relations initiatives, creating/disseminating newsletters and emails, managing employee events, and working with internal creative teams to develop logos, posters, and other communications pieces.

Throughout the life of the project, the consultant:

  • Developed and executed a variety of internal/external communications strategies and tactics that were designed to educate key stakeholders
  • Managed 11 corporate newsletters, which included conceptualization, writing, editing, graphic design, vendor management, and delivery
  • Served as a key strategist in the planning and execution of a meeting for 100-employees, where she helped develop brochures and invitations, reserved meeting and hotel rooms, and worked with outside vendors to order gifts and book musical talent
  • Positioned and branded the company to the local/national marketplace by assisting with corporate charitable outreach programs
  • Served as a corporate spokesperson on a range of issues in crisis and non-crisis situations

After six months, the client found such value in this marketing resource, that she hired consultant as a permanent employee.

by McKinley Marketing Partners