Success Story

Marketing Program Management

The small business marketing arm of a national telecommunications company had recently restructured its team around three marketing and sales goals: retention, acquisition, and penetration.

This new structure had been identified, but the organizational framework had not yet been achieved.  Prior to this point the marketing had been very “product-centric” and there needed to be adjustments to a “solution-centric” model.

This was a transformative time for the small business marketing team and there was a need for an Interim Marketing Manager℠ (IMM℠) to help structurally and strategically.


The original scope of the project had been to identify and execute mobility acquisition marketing tactics.  However, the scope was quickly expanded when the IMM came onto the team.  He also proposed a more targeted, horizontal segmentation approach that was layered with strategic vertical segments as well.

The IMM identified process enhancements to ensure smooth campaign management including quality assurance checklists, timelines, and process checks.  He developed mobility campaign tactics for mobility sales including direct marketing and mass media components.  The IMM developed/executed third trimester marketing acquisition campaigns to increase sales in a more targeted manner based on customer demand and buying habits.

He also conducted secondary market research that directly led to the more targeted marketing segmentation strategy for the company.  Through his efforts, segmentation structure was identified and provided long-term direction for the small business marketing arm.

He was able to achieve streamlined campaign execution that enabled the company to be more nimble and adjust to changes in customer demand and competitive pressures.


by McKinley Marketing Partners