Recent promotion? Here Are 7 Ways to Succeed In Your New Role

If you have gotten a promotion, congratulations! This means that you are succeeding in your work at your company and your hard work is getting noticed. But now you have new challenges that lie ahead of you – you want to succeed in your new role. You may move into a position where you are supervising former peers. You might be tasked with overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges. Or you may just feel pressure to prove that you are worthy of the promotion you’ve been given. Whatever the case, here are seven tips to implement to make a graceful transition to succeed in your new role.

7 Ways to Succeed in Your New Role After Getting Promoted

 1. Create specific goals for each quarter. Envision your work one year from now. Imagine looking back on the year that has passed. What would you want to say you accomplished? Create quarterly goals accordingly.

 2. Ask questions, then listen. Do not assume you have all the answers. The promotion is an opportunity for success…or failure. Even though you are already familiar with the company, you are new to the role. So take your time.

 3. Learn from your predecessors. What went well for them? Where did they find roadblocks or feel they fell short? What projects are in process that they were not able to see to the finish line? In the same way that we try to learn from history so we do not repeat mistakes of the past, take time to learn from the experiences of those who came before you.

 4. Trust your gut. Seek the advice and input of others but remember: you were promoted for a reason. Listen to your instincts.

 5. Give yourself a break. Sometimes you assume because you are at the same company and given an elevated position that you are supposed to begin on your new tasks and excel right away. Find a happy medium between continuing to be productive and approaching it the same way you would a new job at a new company.

 6. Communicate your expectations. People do not like surprises. If you are managing a team in your new role, be clear on the results you want to achieve.

 7.  If you’re put in a position to hire people, don’t be afraid to hire people who are smarter than you. At McKinley, we’re experts in helping leaders like you find team members who will make you look great.

Navigating transitions is rarely easy. Take the time to learn from the past, set clear expectations for the future, and be kind and respectful along the way and you will be just as successful in the next phase of your career as you were in the last.

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